Challenge yourself

Mind-blowing challenges that will make you stronger

I feel devastated, help me…

Try this step-by-step every time you feel depressed, anxious, lost, sad, frustrated, and desperate.

Do squats x15

Do push-ups x10

  • transfers blood from the brain to body
  • transforms negative energy into positive action
  • releases creativity
  • develops new intentions

Draw a detailed tree

  • materializes negative energy into positive, memorable, and self-created object
  • proves that you’re capable of creating something beautiful
  • creates a pattern of “think - evaluate - search - find - combine - create” This pattern represents your actions that you’ve taken to draw a tree. In other words, you’ve analyzed your drawing skills, found pencil, paper, eraser, and combined them to create an image. What else can you do with this knowledge?
  • the level of detail of a tree shows your awareness skills, discipline, and creativity - the key components to battling any struggle in your life

Find a communication partner

  • by focusing on understanding and learning more about your communication partner, you will stimulate your thinking in new ways
  • establishes new connections
  • creates a sense of belonging
  • refocuses “your brain’s attention” on another person while releasing new energy to work on your feelings and emotions
I’m a self-development practitioner, challenge me…

Did you know that the pupil of the eye (the black thing) is actually a hole and not a solid object? Click To Tweet

Yeah, I know, take your time.

If you went to google it, then you have a valuable skill of double-checking the information you consume. Apart from that, you have the courage to question things, leader mentality, and high self-awareness.

In addition to that, you’re also aware of the bad things in this world which might be tricky, misguiding, and misleading.

Possibly, your biggest fear is not to be tricked by the information, but appear delusional due to the incompleteness of the information you’re consuming. In other words, you crave for knowledge but afraid that it may not answer all of your questions.

Due to so many things you don’t know, you are afraid to be found incompetent, misunderstood, and at worst, boring.

If any of that hit you hard or put a seed of doubt, you should work on:

  • accepting the risks
  • knowing your price and not being afraid of naming your own one
  • learning about human intentions in a conversation
  • learning to ask deeper questions
  • improving your debating and healthy arguing skills
I’m a pro, challenge me...

I bet you know that there are, at least, 2 forms of power - Monetary and Legislative.

Do you know how to earn, diversify, manage, and multiply your income, assets, and other forms of wealth? Do you know how to protect it?

Are you aware of the economic environment of your country, city, or neighbor?

Do you know your rights in the country of your residence? Can you spot the violation of your rights? How do you protect yourself?

What can you do as a member of a group, society, nation, or country?


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