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Would you like to appear on the map? You’re most welcome to share your thoughts and ideas in the article. In order to appear on the map, you need to write an article according to Life to Make contributor guidelines below.


When you pitch us, please include the following information:

  • Name or nickname (for a map);
  • Country (for a map);
  • Photo or avatar;

We encourage you to use your real name and photo because it adds credibility to your work, and people will know that you’re a real person. It builds your trustworthiness and authority. Thank you!

Follow the guidelines below to write your first post.

Life to Make Contributor Guidelines

We are looking for top-notch contributors to our blog! If you feel like you have ideas to share and you love to write about things that matter to you and are helpful to others you’re most welcome!

We are interested in the following topics:

  • Depression and treatment;
  • Relationships and communication;
  • Self-development and mindset;
  • Practical strategies and tactics to apply in everyday life.

The types of articles that we are looking for:

Your article should be 600 words or longer and be clearly structured. We are interested in:

  • “How-to”, “Step-by-step” guides that target a specific problem and help people solve this problem (e.g., 10 Ways to Deal With Depression at Work);
  • Educational exclusive content that helps people to learn something non-trivial and new (e.g., The Non-Obvious Things That Lead To Depression);
  • Self-development and mindset;
  • Personal life stories and experiences which enlighten your problem and show how you managed to deal with it. (e.g., How I Build My 35 Years Relationship Without Any Quarrels).

What counts as an acceptable call to action:

  • Links that naturally point to your article in the blog;
  • We love links and encourage you to put them in your post but don’t put more than 3 links pointing to the same domain name;
  • Registration for a webinar or live event.

What counts as an unacceptable call to action:

  • Links to your product pages or calls to visit your website including links to social media groups;
  • Advertising any products or services (including affiliate links);
  • All forms of a company’s contact information;
  • A call to subscribe to newsletters and other subscriptions;
  • Links to registration pages, except for webinars.

Content guidelines:

  • Any form of plagiarism is strictly forbidden;
  • Copying and pasting content from any website even when reference is given is not acceptable;
  • Taking other people’s ideas, content structure, parts of somebody’s work without giving any references is a sign of poor Internet ethics;
  • A call to subscribe to newsletters and other subscriptions;
  • We use free stock images from because they are free for personal and commercial use. Otherwise, provide an image source, please.

Every submitted article is moderated, and we reserve the right to modify it. If there are any links that must be included we may not accept this article since we may count it as a link-building scheme.

Thank you for following these guidelines. We are looking forward to your article! Stay awesome!

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